Understanding Employee Motivation

Published: 28th April 2008
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There were times when employees were considered to be another addition to enhance the production of services or goods. However, a lot has changed now.

Elton Mayo conducted a research during the year 1924 and 1932 altered the way of thinking about employees. This research was known as Hawthorne Studies.

According to this study, employees require much more than just money. The study introduced the human relations approach to a company's management. The main focus was given to the basic requirements and motivation factors of employees. The publication of the Hawthorne Study facilitated the understanding of factors that helped in motivating employees.

There are several reasons that employees require to be motivated first, an organization can easily survive when employees are motivated. Studies have proved that motivated employees are more productive. Managers must under the factor that motivates employees with respect to the roles they perform.

Here are some basic things to remember when moving towards motivation of employees:

a) First, you need to motivate yourself prior to thinking about motivating your employees. It's simple. If you hate your job, people around you will feel the same. Enthusiasm spreads like wild fire. You can easily excite other people around you if you are excited. You can be crystal clear about how others are doing if you do a great job. Understand what motivates you in the kind of tasks your company usually undertake. Understand what motivates your employees. You may consider several factors yourself such as more time for family, fame, facilities, creativity, accomplished of a job etc.

b) You should always match organization goals with the goals of employees. Employees can be easily instigated to do good work and can work really hard if you want. It is crucial for the supervisions and managers to know what they really want from their employees. First, identity the goals of the organization via strategic planning. When taking steps to support employees motivation, you need to make sure that employees have strong input when it comes to identifying their goals.

c) Talk to your employees if you really want to know what motivates them. Every individual is motivated by different things. When takes steps towards employee motivation, find out what motivates each employee. The key is to listen to them.

d) Have one-on-one meetings with each employee. This will let you know about what interest them and what they really want.

e) Rewards are very important when it comes to motivating your employees. Make sure that performance of your employees is based on their behavior towards goals.

f) As soon as you see an employee having great concerns for his or her work, give away some rewards. This will boost his or her spirit.

g) Establish smart goals. The goals you set for your organization should be specific, realistic, measurable, timely and rewarding to your employees. These should also focus of enhancing their capabilities.

When your employees achieve a particular target, make sure that you celebrate their achievements. This will provide great motivation to them. They would feel that their efforts are appreciated.

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