Anxiety Attacks - How Improper Diet And Dehydration Are Triggers For Your Fear Based Panic Attacks!

Published: 18th June 2009
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For many people the trigger is financial turmoil, job related difficulties, or accumulated stress. These conditions build up and weigh heavily on you over time, increasing your susceptibility to panic attacks and then specific, worrisome thoughts act as triggers to get you going on a panic attack or anxiety ridden episode.

Another contributing factor to your susceptibility to panic attacks or even a trigger for anxiety episodes themselves is an improper diet and dehydration.

During times of stress or worry, people have one of two tendencies;

- they either eat too much

- or they stop eating enough

Either one of these conditions could be placing an undue burden on your body or mind. Starving yourself causes your body to go into survival mode, the same type of state that your body turns to during a fight or flight episode. Your body is now more susceptible to a panic attack and anxiety symptoms.

Likewise, overeating can cause your body to experience unpleasant physical sensations. Overeating can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain and general sluggishness.

These problems can all contribute to your body feeling far worse than it should, mimicking the physical symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, the increasing numbers appearing on that scale might cause you to go into a panic attack all on your own!

In addition to a proper diet, supplying your body with enough fluids is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing the potential for anxiety problems.

Dehydration is a great way to send your body into panic mode. Drinking soda or coffee all day does not equal hydration! Soda, while liquid, is not providing the hydration level your body needs and it is full of caffeine, sugar or sugar substitutes.

These are great ways to get your body keyed up, a definite no, no for anxiety sufferers. Coffee comes loaded with these same problems. Try drinking a bottle of water a day and I´m not talking about a little bottle either. Get a liter size bottle of water and fill it up each day. Spend your day consuming that and in a few weeks you won´t believe the difference in the way you feel.

Im not telling you anything you don´t already know. We are constantly barraged with information about how to take better care of ourselves, stop smoking, lessen our caffeine intake, eat a proper, moderated and nutritious diet, and exercise regularly.

This is the feel good prescription that we have been receiving for years from doctors, TV hosts and anyone else who felt compelled to tell us how to lead a better life. While this prescription is certainly a good one, most people neglect to tell you, that a deficiency in any one of these areas can greatly affect you in the others.

Most of us think if we exercise a couple of times a week, we can still eat McDonald´s. Wrong!

Most of us think if we stop smoking, we can drink soda. Wrong!

We have to be cognizant of all the areas of our health and work to improve each one of them. A poor diet can affect our body, even if we exercise regularly.Therefore, you are still susceptible to panic attacks and anxiety based phobias and fears. Your inattention to your overall health could be having more of a negative effect on your emotional well being than you think.

Your physical health can have a profound effect on your mental health. While you may think your anxiety problem is all in your mind that is far from the truth. The body and mind feed off of each other and lack of health in one part can lead to problems in the other.

If youve had panic attacks, think about it for a minute. Was the panic attack only in your mind or did you experience physical effects as well?

You probably had a racing heart and shortness of breath; you may have had tingling in your extremities and problems with your digestive functions. These sensations probably made you even more upset and nervous, adding fire to the panic attack overtaking you.

The same is true for anxiety sufferers. It is important to get your physical and mental house in order. Taking proper care of your body, through proper diet and exercise, will help you manage your stress and anxiety more effectively.

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